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Making Of 'Green Rogue'

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Date Added: 14th February 2014
Software used:

Andrei Samardac takes us through the creation of his stylized Lada Viburnum-inspired car.

For some time I had wanted to make a model that combined two opposite elements; big and small, or gentle and brutal, for example; but didn't have a clear idea of what that could be.

One day I saw a really funny picture online. I had originally seen it some time ago, but didn't really pay attention to it. This time the picture had a funny caption across the bottom that made me laugh and inspired a new idea.

This caption is in Russian and says ?Lada - Gooseberry'. There is a Russian car called ?Lada Viburnum' and Russian people love to joke about it because of its bad technical characteristics and unattractive design. So here in the Post-Soviet states (I'm from Moldova) this caption sounds very funny.

So I thought about the tiny size of this car and decided it would be great to give it a ?little' upgrade...

The final model

The concept

As I said before, I wanted to combine some opposite elements, and this tiny car was a very good starting point.

The first idea I had was to add big wheels, like Bigfoot tracks. And second was to arm it heavily with some guns and rockets. These things had to make it look both crazy and funny, but at the same time I wanted it to look like a real vehicle. These were my concept requirements. So I opened Photoshop and made this collage here to outline my concept for the future model.

Throughout the creation of this model, I thought about how to name this vehicle. At the start, I wanted to name it ?Gooseberry' but then thought it wouldn't make a lot of sense for people from different countries. So in the end I decided to name it ?Green Rogue', to make the main idea clearer.

My first concept idea created in Photoshop

Modeling the cabin

Unfortunately the word limit of this article doesn't allow me to show every step of the modeling process, so I'll just give you a brief overview of all the stages in the creation of this model.

I prefer to make my models using NURBS modeling software, MoI (
I've been using this for about a year now, and it's a great little software that is very powerful, very intuitive and at the same time very fast in creating hard surfaces. This software was developed by Michael Gibson, the brain behind Rhino when it makes its first steps, and just I wanted to say big thanks to Michael for his great work.

So with this project, first I made the cabin. I made this without any blue-prints; I just looked at the original car and tried to reproduce the overall shapes. I didn't aim to make it match the original exactly, but, as you can see, it's very close to it.

To create this, I drew 2D profiles then ran the Network command (though there are other ways to make these kinds of shapes in MOI). As you can see I only created the right half, then used the Mirror command to make it symmetrical.

Creating the first lines in MoI

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Jsin on Sun, 16 February 2014 6:18am
Cool concept. Excellent render.
Reza Kamran on Sat, 15 February 2014 6:22am
Nice Modeling is a very engaging and pleasant
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