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Making Of 'Robot'

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Date Added: 31st January 2014

In this article I'm going to describe how I render and composite my works.

Each time I expose one of my works, I'm always asked how I render it ? the truth is that I don't care much about rendering; but I do love post-processing! In particular, I really enjoy manipulating the color adjustments, masks, layers and my render passes.

Project overview

I'll start with setting the view for rendering. As soon as I was happy with the model, I needed to set it up ready for the final rendering, by going to Document > ZApplink properties > Cust1. Next, I set the document to the resolution I wanted the final render to be, by going to Document and setting the width and height to a good resolution and clicking Resize.

The model set up for final rendering

Setting up the final render settings

Setting the resolution

After my document was resized, I adjusted its position and scale by using the scroll and zoom keys located on the right of the viewport.

Now that my sculpt was no longer in Edit mode, I had to transfer it back over by pressing Ctrl+N to make a new canvas and dragging the model onto that new canvas. After this, I turned on Edit mode. If, at this point, I lost my view set, I could easily have recovered them by going to Document > ZApplink Properties > Cust1, which is where I saved my previous view.

Now I had to set my main light. To do this, I went to the Light tab and changed the position of the light by manipulating the tiny point on the sphere. Now I could start the render process!

I went to Render >Render Properties > Details and set it to 3. Then went to Render > Anti-Aliasing and set the properties as shown in the image below.

The anti-aliasing settings

I had to make sure I had assigned the right materials at this point (for me, I use the white cavity Matcap), and then pressed Best.

Next, I went to Document > Export to save my output image. You may be surprised, but the below is my main render! I know this is far from the final image that you have seen before, which is why it needed more passes.

The initial render

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Rj on Tue, 04 February 2014 9:38pm
I like the complexity of the model, and the flare adds a lot of life to the image. One question, around the shoulder area, there is an indentation of what looks like a plus sign, on the right side of the image. How would you remove the pixelization of that surface? Did you not apply smoothing because it would ruin the complexity?
Mohamed on Fri, 31 January 2014 11:26am
woooow!!! really nice work and really nice tuturial thanks bro!.
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