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Making Of 'Mondrian-inspired hotel room'

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Date Added: 27th November 2013
Software used:


I used basic V-Ray standard materials when texturing the scene. For the timber flooring I put a decent timber texture in the diffuse section of the Material Editor, and then added a grayscale texture of the same map in both the reflection and bump sections.

For the armchair fabric, I used a Falloff map for the diffuse section and copied the fabric map onto the reflection section. I added a grayscale map of the fabric in the bump section. The sofa fabric had the same settings, but in blue.

For the feature wall I used two different materials; one was done with a V-Ray Dirt map and the other one is basically the same thing just without the Dirt map, to support my checker effect (Fig.08 ? 09).


Fig. 09

After making a couple of test renders to get the right look, I set the scene for a high res render (Fig.10).



This is the final process, and probably the most important as the final result depends on my ability to create a good artistic look in post-editing. I usually use Photoshop as the main software for this, though sometimes I use others like After Effects or Lightroom, with the Photo-look plugin.

First I started to adjust the brightness and contrast of the image with a quick full-image color correction, and then I started to bring out the colors individually using Alpha renders or maps.

To create the Alpha map, I used two V-Ray standard materials: black and white. I applied the white material on the items I was going to adjust in Photoshop and painted the rest black (Fig.11).


Next I retouched the image using the Burn and Dodge tool to add more shadows and give it more life, and added some lens flares with the Diffuse Glow filter to create that "photorealistic" look. I followed by adding a Lens Correction filter to get the chromatic aberration effect, removed some distortion in the image and finally added some vignetting (Fig.12).


I then made an Ambient Occlusion render of the scene and added it in Photoshop as a layer by setting the blending mode to Multiply. You might need to change the opacity of it, but doing that will add more shadows and bring out the details in your image.

After merging all of my layers, I made some Curves color correction to create my final image (Fig.13).


I hope you enjoyed the process of making this image as much as I did and learned something from it. Finally I'd like to thank 3DCreative for giving me the opportunity to share my work.


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Newo on Mon, 04 January 2016 4:26am
very nice mate
Muneer on Wed, 14 January 2015 11:18am
Thanks Dear Nice work i like it keep it up
Joao Garcia on Fri, 21 February 2014 6:09pm
Nice Work! ;)
Sky on Sun, 15 December 2013 3:12am
I am a fan of 3 ds Max, two years in the industry already a long time, hope I can and everybody study together, thank you.
Cesar Gomez on Mon, 02 December 2013 6:22pm
Great work! Good texture and lighting. Can you share your vray settings for render? a making of maybe. Thanks.
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