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Making of 'Fern'

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Date Added: 7th January 2010
Software used:


Hi everyone and welcome to the making of "Fern", a 3D artwork created by the CHEVisodes team. CHEVisodes is an episode based CG animated movie featuring Fern as a main character. It's a "for the love of this" type project; we're basically a bunch of friends that really love CG-ing. We're currently working on the animation of CHEVisodes and you can still take a look at our website,, to see some work in progress. We hope that you will enjoy watching the CHEVisodes as much as we enjoyed making them!

Here's a rundown of all the members of the CHEVisodes crew: 
Patrick Beaulieu - Character Animator, Modelling - 
Jonathan Simard - Character Animator, Modelling -
�ric D. Légaré - Animation TD - 
Daniel Huertas - Character Animator -
Daniel Boulanger - Concept Artist
Simon Dubuc - Texture Artist
Yves Breton - Sound Designer
Christian Pacaud - Music Composer - 
Ruben Mueller - Cheerleader/Webmaster -  

The idea behind "Fern" was really simple. This character is really appealing: Fern has his own personality, expression and attitude. Our goal was to show his personality in just one image. The pose was really important as we wanted to create a nice silhouette, give attitude to the character and show the character's soul (Fig.01). We used complementary colours for the character and background to direct the audience to look at the character.

Fig. 01


Before I started modelling any of Fern's head, I wanted to be comfortable with the concept (Fig.02), so the first thing I did was study the character and imagine it in 3D. I had to take a moment like that to be sure that I was aware of all the important shapes in the character's face and to see how the muscles would work together. I often paint on the concept just to see where important lines are (Fig.03).  It's so important not to rush your work in the modelling phase because, in the end, 3D software is just a tool. If you're not familiar with what you're going to model then there is a good chance you will lose a lot of time, or worse! In this "Making Of", you will be able to follow the progress and development of this image through the pictures. Here I can show you the modelling of Fern's head (Fig.04).

Fig. 02

Fig. 03

Fig. 04

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