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Creating a Smoke-Based Explosion in Fume FX

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Date Added: 17th June 2013
Software used:

In this tutorial I will be looking at the procedure for creating the kind of smoke effect shown above. There are many kinds of techniques that artists use to create fiery explosions, smoke-based explosions or mixture of both fire and smoke-based explosions where fuel plays a vital role in that process.

With every development of the Fume FX software comes a new set of parameters that have taken the level of visual effects to new heights.

In my past couple of tutorials, I have focused on showing different kinds of explosion techniques and how they can be easily created without the aid of Maxscript or using multiple sets of different software along with Fume FX.

The most important things in explosions are the set of values that you put in Fume FX GUI and the particles that you're using. Fume FX has great support from the Particle Flow System (PFS), Thinking Particles and the 3ds Max Legacy Particle System for generating and simulating effects.

Also, Fume FX has a good level of compatibility with V-Ray and mental ray. And the most important thing that I like to mention is the time that Fume FX takes for rendering in V-Ray and mental ray.

Personally I haven't checked out if Fume FX supports Cebas Final Render or Maxwell render engine. But again, every rendering engine and affects application has their own pros and cons.

Anyway I think we should get back to this effect!

Step 1: Generating PFS (Particle Flow System)

This effect has been simulated via Particle Flow. Even a small number of particles can create a great effect. It's just the matter of tweaking a few settings. Follow these steps carefully to achieve this effect:

Hit 6 to open Particle Flow. Create a standard flow. Now remove Shape and Rotation from the local event.

Rename this event "PFS_MSE_Engine"

Now select your global event "PF Source 001", go to its parameters and make these changes:

? Emission parameter:
o Logo size: - 10.0
o Icon type: - Rectangle
o Length: 20
o Width: 20
o Viewport Quantity Multiplier: 100.0%
o Render Quantity Multiplier: 100.0%
? System Management parameter:
o Upper Limit (Particle Amount): 1000000000
o Viewport Integration steps: Half Frame
o Render Integration steps: Half Frame
? Script: leave this section alone.

Once you have finished adding details to your global event, make sure to save the file as "MSE_Plume_Start".

Now we have to create only 1 initial event, which will drive our explosions.

Move to the local event (Event 001). Rename it "PFS_Gen" and set the parameters to:

? Birth Operator:
o Emit Start: 2
o Emit Stop: 3
o Amount: 650
o Make sure the Sub-frame Sampling checkbox is ticked.
? Position Icon: place your position icon to "Pivot".
? Speed Operator:
o Speed: 450.0
o Variation: 155.0
o Speed Direction: Along Icon Arrow
o Reverse: ON
o Divergence: 66.0
? Delete Operator: By Particle Age (2/1)
? Display: Make sure you have the display operator placed in your local Event 001. You can choose any display mode you want. (Dots is preferable)(Fig.01).


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Ninjabdou on Tue, 25 February 2014 12:23pm
There's a problem with the files you provided, it seems that the 2010 file is actually a 2013; max2010 tells me "file save version 15000" :(
Ninjabdou on Tue, 25 February 2014 11:46am
Thank you very much for this awesome tutorial
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