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Making Of 'Bronze Bust'

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Date Added: 19th March 2013
Software used:
This model was inspired by The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I got excited about the film and started a sketch. I tried to focus on the overall shape and the bronze shader, and forget about the deadlines of work. It was one study, without compromise, and working this way helps me to relax my routine and create something. I like to feel free to create an image, without boundaries.

First I started with a sphere in ZBrush and began to tweak the overall shape using DynaMesh. I think it's one of the best tools for artists to sketch some ideas in ZBrush, because it allows you to start from a simple shape and reach the final design you want with a balanced topology, which helps you a lot in higher subdivisions. At this stage I try to use every polygon the subdivison gives me, because lower subdivisions give me better feedback while I'm sculpting. It's faster and I have more control over the shape (Fig.01).


After that I started to think about details, so I went to higher subdivs and started to add some wrinkles and pores, and work on the beard, using basics brushes like Clay and Standard. For the pores I used some bump skin alphas.

People asked me about the hair and modeling pipeline. It wasn't a hard thing to do; I just started the base hair volume with the Claytubes or Clay Buildup brushes, which are great because they create some hard edges that look like real hair flow. After that I started using the Clay and Standard brushes to polish the hair, creating some fine details like smaller strands and cleaning the mesh. When I was happy with the result, I started to add the finest details. For this task I used the Standard brush with alphas 38 and 39 as it allowed me to create some thin hair (Fig.02).


Now that I was happy with the look of the hair and the overall shape, I added some pores to the skin. For this task I like to use some skin alphas with the Standard brush using the DragRect feature. Every alpha was designed for a specific part of the face, so I tried to test the alphas first to see which one would fit better on that area (Fig.03).


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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
TVNCL on Thu, 29 May 2014 10:32pm
Very nice but How can were you able to apply the The cavity mask to the decimated model considering the decimated model doesnt have texture coordinates??? how did you unwrap a mesh so dense as that one??? That is very crucial to the conclusion of your tutorial
Ana on Fri, 06 September 2013 9:59pm
Can you please tell me do you have UV s for sculpture?
Hassen Imache on Sun, 24 March 2013 7:53am
Thanks a lot for your tutorial :-)
Narendra Keshkar on Thu, 21 March 2013 11:32am
Awesome Tutorial, will definitely give it a try.
Lourenco Abreu on Tue, 19 March 2013 10:27am
Thanks for the tips, awesome result :-)
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