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How to Stylize and Model 'Toon Humans - Chapter 2: Posing and Texturing

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Date Added: 31st January 2013
Software used:

Exporting maps 2

- Select the trousers and, repeating the procedure described before, create occlusion and cavity textures. Save them as "trousers_occlusion.PSD" and "trousers_cavity.PSD".
- For the boots create only the cavity texture and save it as "boots_cavity.PSD" (Fig.13).


Exporting model

In order to export the model to 3ds Max, we will first reduce the polygon count of the model. For that we will use the Decimation Master tool (also available for download at Pixologic) which will reduce the number of faces by transforming the surface into triangles while trying to keep the detailed areas (Fig.14). Always save before decimating.


- From the Zplugin menu choose Decimation Master.
- Enable the Keep UVs option, so that the UV coordinates are not destroyed in the process.
- Choose Pre-process All. This will prepare the mesh for decimation, so that later you can define the reduction percentage. This will take some time.
- When this process is complete, reduce the % of decimation to about 5%. This will mean that your model will have 5% of the total number of faces it had initially.
- Choose Decimate All. All the subtools will be optimized. If you press the PolyF button (Shift + F) you can see the new mesh made of triangles.
- To export the model to 3ds Max press the All button in front of the GoZ button. 3ds Max will open with the full model.

Model the eye

In 3ds Max, model a simple eye as in the kangaroo tutorial.

- Create a primitive sphere and place it roughly at the eye socket.
- Add an Edit Poly modifier and pick the polygons that represent the pupil. You can do this quickly by restricting the polygon selection to be By Angle with a value of 3,0 and clicking one of the pupil polygons.
- Move the selected polygons inwards to create a recessed iris.
- Pick the Extrude Dialog box and set the value to extrude the pupil inwards.
- Apply a UVW Map modifier as Spherical. Change the UV alignment to X, and if necessary rotate the gizmo so that the map seam is on the opposite side of the pupil.
- Place the eye on the character's face (Fig.15).


To create the cornea:

- Clone the eye object as a copy and name it "eye_cornea".
- Delete the Edit Poly and UVW Map modifiers from the stack.
- Change the sphere radius to be slightly bigger than the eye.
- You can press Alt + X to make the object transparent on the viewport, making it easier to see where the character is looking at.

Model the belt 1

To model the belt:

- Start by creating a line around the waist with several vertexes.
- Make sure the line goes around the full waist and leave a looser bit at the end to simulate the tip of the belt. Also deform the part of the belt where the buckle will be; you can adjust it to perfection later.
- Apply a Sweep modifier with the built-in section set it to Bar.
- Set the interpolation steps to 1.
- Adjust the length and width to create a tall rectangle. In my case it had 0.047 m by 0.005 m.
- Set Corner Radius to 0.001m.
- Change the Pivot Alignment to the middle left position.
- Make sure that Gen Mapping Coords is ON (Fig.16).


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