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Digital Art Masters: V7 - Sample Making Of 'Fight in the Dark'

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Date Added: 24th December 2012
Software used:


In order to improve my efficiency I decided not to make any more base meshes and instead used ZBrush to create the characters from scratch (Fig.04). This is a really interesting way to do things as you are not as limited. As each subdivision level reaches its capacity for detail I sub-divided the model improving the detail step by step. During the early stages of this process the model was created with Symmetry turned on.

1641_tid_yang guang_fig04.jpg
Fig. 04


Once I was satisfied with their bodies I posed them and then put them into the scene so I could see how they looked with the chosen camera angle. I did this so I could see how the image would look when it was completed and also check the overall composition and appearance (Fig.05).

1641_tid_yang guang_fig05.jpg
Fig. 05

My main rule of thumb when modelling adheres to the principle of using square rather than round models to begin with. Similar to sculpture, these characters are carved from the same model following the principle of first looking at local areas and then going back to the overall volume and repeating this step i.e. carving out the larger sections and then working down to details from the bones through to muscle, blood vessels and so on (Fig.06 - 09).

1641_tid_yang guang_fig06.jpg
1641_tid_yang guang_fig07.jpg
1641_tid_yang guang_fig08.jpg
1641_tid_yang guang_fig09.jpg

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Paul Wesley on Sat, 29 December 2012 10:45pm
This is really well done, both the piece of art and the tutorial as well. The attention to systematic planning and detail is worthy of applause. Just a quick one, did you model the background characters as well? Regards Paul
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