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Making Of 'Chieftain'

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Date Added: 21st December 2012
Software used:

Tunic Texturing

I used random cloth texture as a base and blurred it to get basic color variations. This blurred texture was placed on top of the occlusion layer in Multiply mode. The occlusion is in Normal mode. Then I used a cloth pattern, which was also used in ZBrush with Noise Maker, to make details for the normal map. Then I added some dirt textures as overlay to break the perfect and clean look. I added lots of different color corrections, and some brown-orange color to break the green look. The color was added in Normal blending mode, but with opacity of around 70%, and I used a soft, large brush with low opacity of around 30%. Finally I copied the AO, placed it on top and masked it with a black color. Then I painted white in the mask channel in the places where I wanted my highlights to be. The Highlight layer was set to around 70% opacity. That is pretty much it (Fig.08).

Fig. 08

This is a low poly version of the tunic with the texture applied in the Marmoset engine (Fig. 09).

Fig. 09

Head Texturing

I did the retopology for the high poly head in Topogun. Then I unwrapped the head in Max and used Xnormal to bake my cavity, convexity and occlusion maps. These maps were used as a starting point for the face texture.

Next I opened Photoshop and loaded the occlusion map. I used it as a guide for making the first layer of the head texture. The first layer was the photo image, which was done by combining and stitching various photos from different face images from the website (Fig.10).


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Neil on Mon, 31 December 2012 3:47pm
Very clean work, and a great break down thank you
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