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Making Of 'Mega Girl'

By Li Biao
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Date Added: 9th October 2012
Software used:

Basic Shapes

At this stage I used a large round brush to paint the main color of the character. The focal point of the image is the character, so I used strong warm colors like oranges and yellows to draw her. At this early stage there was no need to draw with too much detail; the pose and the position didn't need to be very accurate (Fig.02).

1605_tid_Fig 02.jpg
Fig. 02


These are the main light sources in this scene (Fig.03). There's a warm light from the top, bottom and circle around the character. There is also a cool light from the background, which is much weaker than the warm light. Guided by the light source I used highly saturated, warm colors for the character so that the light and shadow worked well together (Fig.04).

1605_tid_Fig 03.jpg
1605_tid_Fig 04.jpg

The Head

At this stage I wanted to focus on the face, because I knew this would attract the most attention. First of all, I drew the main shape of the face and then decided to change the angle of the head, to make her look as though she was focusing on the screen above her head. I also changed her skin tone. The new face is pale and lighter than before, as though a computer screen is close to her face.

In order to give to background more depth, I added some lighting to it, which, in this instance, needed to be weaker and less saturated than the light source around the character. I didn't think too much about what these exact light sources could be as I knew I could work out these details later on. At this stage, I just drew in a small amount of light detail for the background (Fig.05).

1605_tid_Fig 05.jpg
Fig. 05

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