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Painting Steampunk Environments - Chapter 1

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Date Added: 17th September 2012
Software used:

Townhouse Exploratory Sketches: (Fig.10) Lastly, we can zoom in and consider even more minute aspects of a set of buildings by considering a building, eg. townhouse. On the far left, are various elements of victorian townhouses such as a Romanesque doorway, window and triple storied flat. Extrapolating this, one can outline the overall form and accentuate this further to create your own unique steampunk townhouses at will.

Fig. 10

Steampunk D'Automobilis Transit Centre - Digi Ink & Wash

Collage: In this last segment of the tour, we will look at a quick digi ink and wash approach towards our onsite sketching of various steampunk buildings. (Fig.11) By amalgamating the various sketches and unifying the various vanishing points into an overall whole, this can provide a rapid and satisfying collage of sketchwork provided as a joint sketch collage.


As an accompaniment, various photograph depictions from olde markethalls and rail stations in Victorian London are researched to provide a believable reference point.

DigiWash: (Fig.12) The first instance upon completion of the sketch collage is to apply a weak unifying wash. This allows one to explore various shapes and structures with similar values and distances from the viewer. Areas and foreground objects that may have potential core shadows can also be rapidly marked out (Fig.13).


Background Plate: (Fig.14) For this particular image, we can now work in a methodical stepwise fashion. Starting from back to front. We can firstly work out the main colour of the image which features a roil of warm yellow clouds on a backdrop of grey blue ambient skies. This particular approach will allow us to paint contre-jour (against daylight) as favoured by plain air artists when sketching/painting on site.

Fig. 14

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