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Making Of 'Wal-Mart 2161'

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Date Added: 2nd March 2012
Software used:

Hello, my name is Brano Florian and I would like to show you the approach I have used to create my picture Wallmart 2161. It was partially a commercial project based on a design, but the rest was in my hands. So let's see the process.

Modeling & Mapping of the Truck

For the modeling I used standard poly modeling in 3ds Max 2009 with the Polyboost plugin (Fig.01a - b).

Fig. 01a
Fig. 01b

From the beginning I was careful to remember to use automatic mapping on splines where there was no need to deal with UVs later. On the other parts I used a simple UVW map modifier and tiled texture setup with UV Gizmo. The cabin was mapped in UV Layout, which I can recommend for this sort of "half-organic" object. The back side of the model was made quite detailed in case I wanted to animate the scene in the future (Fig.02).

Fig. 02


For the model I made four main textures in Photoshop (Fig.03a - b). I did this mainly by combining photos. Rust was added with random brush strokes or taken from other photos. The textures were converted to JPEGs and then a Sharpen filter was applied.

The gun was mapped using automatic unwrap in 3ds Max, then exported into Bodypaint for color and to add the scratched edges.

Fig. 03a
Fig. 03b

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Mac on Tue, 08 January 2013 5:21am
That's funny. Walmart has billions & billions of dollars. If they end up like this, I cannot imagine what the rest of us will end up as. Insects? Maggots?
Gillsing on Tue, 17 July 2012 3:00pm
Ha! Before seeing Fig. 02 I thought that this Wal-Mart was mobile. Still looks great though!
San on Thu, 15 March 2012 7:41pm
Outstanding work :)
Marco Rocha on Sat, 03 March 2012 12:09pm
Wau! Show man!
Ajay Singh on Fri, 02 March 2012 12:53pm
nice work and tutorial
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