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Texturing Image Breakdown: Slums

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Date Added: 14th January 2011
Software used:

Fig.08 shows Layer 1, which has been color corrected to look green in the render.

Fig. 08

Fig.09 shows Layer 2, which has also been color corrected to appear dark green and also uses a mask to ensure it doesn't cover the previous texture completely.

Fig. 09

Fig.10 shows Layer 3, which again has been color corrected to make it blue and also takes advantage of a mask restricting it to the left hand side. This layer has been set to Screen mode in order to lighten the effect in relation to the ones below it.

Fig. 10

Fig.11 shows Layer 4, which constitutes the dirt at the upper and lower edges of the wall and therefore is set to Multiply. In order to get the mask to create a stain along both horizontal edges, it is mirrored in the V axis only and the Tiling has been altered so that it is visible above and below.

Fig. 11

The wooden poles and bridge supports were textured using a similar technique. I found a generic wood texture which I then tiled more along the V axis in order to create a suitable scale. Then I used another Layer set to Darken in order create a random array of marks and mask the tiling somewhat (Fig.12). It looks somewhat crude upon close inspection but in the context of the scene it provides just enough detail to work.

Fig. 12

The last remaining aspect that is probably worth a mention is the pile of rubbish below the bridge. To save time modeling a few components and then scattering them, I chose to Planar map some geometry that approximated an accumulated pile. I added a few token pieces of geometry that I placed around the edges to create a more uneven edge, but allowed the texture to do most of the work. The template was composed using cropped selections from numerous sources and then pasted together to form a texture.

I found some useful images in 3DTotal's free reference library, which can be found at the following locations:

After cropping and pasting these into a new file I then duplicated and re-positioned various parts and used the Clone Stamp tool to blend everything together.

Fig.13 shows the final image, which is an amalgamation of each of the three photos. The render was taken into Photoshop and a background was added along with some color adjustments and post work.

Fig. 13

Fig. 14


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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Jonatan on Thu, 13 January 2011 3:50pm
Cool! I think that's awesome. I see you are so classy to change 'Cut and paste' for 'crop and paste'
Azmy on Sun, 26 December 2010 7:22am
Gr8 Dude thnx
Dahri on Sun, 28 November 2010 3:17pm
its great to see in this way. fantastic fantastic ...
Stephen Cooper on Mon, 08 November 2010 3:31pm
Looks cool although the lighting looks abit flat across the front of the buildings. The light effect that is making your shadows soft is also taking the strength of that shadow across the front of the buildings. What is also making the lighting look flat is the buildings facing us seem to be at exactly the same angle. The light source you have is a very similar intensity because it lands at this similar angle. It seems like shanty buildings would be built at slightly varying angles; and its likely the windows would also not be such uniform square shapes. As a texturing expose its cool tho... :)
Munkybutt's Avatar
Rich-3DT (Forums) on Mon, 08 November 2010 9:39am
Thanks for the comments.The lack of human evidence is correct - it was my intention to put some laundry and pots etc in but didn't get round to it but it would improve the scene for sure. Was done some time ago now and can't remember exactly how long it took - I think around 3-4 days.Mountains were added in Photoshop using a few photos from the ref library.
AJ on Sat, 06 November 2010 6:16am
Nice work as always. How were the mountains in the back done?
BldRnr on Thu, 04 November 2010 9:01pm
Looks great, except a little sparse on the human elements eg: laundry hanging around ,plants posters etc. Would you care to comment on the time it took to put together this piece?
Omid123 on Thu, 04 November 2010 6:41pm
wow niccce...very good
Munkybutt's Avatar
Matt_3dtotal (Forums) on Thu, 04 November 2010 3:34pm
Dont miss out on our fantastic 50% discount off our Total Textures 19 DVD Bundle!!! Click the below image for more information.
Munkybutt's Avatar
Lynette-3DA (Forums) on Tue, 07 September 2010 8:41pm
Flippin' 'eck, fantastic work Rich!!!! :)
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