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Making Of 'Antonio'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
Hi all, this is kind of a "Making Of" for my character Antonio but it's more a bunch of renders I took while making it, and a few screenshots, plus a video and boring text.

This character was created using Blender 2.36, in May 2005. The textures are mouse-made using Photoshop (shame on me). When I was making Antonio I didn't know that I would be doing a making of (this is my first time at doing this kind of article), so some parts have been re-modelled.

Oh! and his name is Antonio because I was listening to Vivaldi a lot when making it.

So, let's start!

I started with a default cube, then used "Subdivide Smooth", and extruding to make the shape of the head, when the general shape was done, I started with the eyes, for me, the eyes are one of the most important things to giving personality to a model, so they are the first things I do when making a character. Note that I have enabled SubSurf at level 2 constantly from the beginning and didn't use a Mirror neither.

Also, a Knife tool was used to cut the head twice in the middle, adding vertices to give more detail to the whole head. The eyebrows are simple, just erase the two first faces that we had, select and extrude the edges to the inside, scaling down a bit, and extruding again. You can do this as many times as you like, depending on how much detail you want in there. In this video you can see this technique.

Now, lets put the eyes in! Those eyes are from one of my other characters, in the image below shows a brief way to how they have been made.


To make the mouth, I started cutting the head horizontally, twice, then extruding inside, resizing, and finally erasing
the selected faces, then I select the border edges and extruded again to make the lips. Now you can keep cutting,
and tweaking the head's shape, because it still doesn't looks like a horse.. but more like a duck!

Tip: try cutting more around the mouth, so that it will have more thickness and it will be easier to move and make some expressions with later. Also it will help to give the model more personality (big eyes and different size for each one, the ears, big nose and small mouth, or vice-versa). Either you could make the jaw smaller if you want to make it look really stupid (like Antonio), because you can see the teeth more. Different eyes, weird looking. Now is when this takes count.

To finish the head, I added some simple ears which modelling is explained in the image below (yes I like images :D less boring than my text).

A work in progress render, to show how far this little fella is looking at this stage.

The teeth are just a couple of duplicated (linked) teeth put together by hand, rotating over its own centre with "RR" (means R twice..).


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Al on Mon, 16 June 2014 1:09pm
howdy .... very nice tutorial .. kinda what I need, but not quite ... I am really new to D3 animation. I am wondering if you can assist with giving tutorial on perhaps like creating a simple unicorn with green background ? can we start with perhaps like an image perhaps and go from there so that I can follow with my own image ??? i will really appeciate it if you can. If I manage to get it finished, I will give it a credit link to your website :D thanks before hand kind regards al-lee
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