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Making Of 'Robot In Disguise'

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Date Added: 22nd September 2011
Software used:

The next step was to make the robot look powerful, so I looked at different pictures from the transformers movie and tried to come up with a cool and original idea. I studied photography for 2-3 years, so I tried to capture the perfect angle, and from it to move and set up the pose of the robot and everything else in the scene.

The scene setup I created was really simple, there is nothing fancy about it, also the materials and the lights are really simple as well. (Fig.12)


Since I was using Mental Ray to render the picture I used simple Photometric Light for the top light, and 2 spot lights for the Trabant.

For the car paint I used simple Arch & Design material and metal preset for the skeleton of the Trabant and the robot. I added car seats in the car and a steering wheel to make the picture more visually interesting, since I didn't need them in the beginning. Once the car was in the scene I could see that these were needed.

Many of you asked on the forums why the car paint is so simple. The answer is quite simple. If any of you have ever seen a Trabant it's a kind of plastic/paper looking car. It's an old german car which is little and cute, that's why making it look like an evil robot was my goal. Once I had set up my 3 cameras I viewed all them and choose a final image for rendering. (Fig.13)


For the render settings all I did was to change the final gather to medium and to set my sample rate to Mitchell and the sample rate to 1/16, nothing to fancy.

And here is the final Render: (Fig.14)


I didn't adjust it much in Photoshop, I usually go crazy with my post production but I wanted to show the cool quality of mental ray, even without any major post production. Sometimes the simple things are most beautiful. All I added was a little sharpness to the image in Photoshop.

I hope you've enjoyed this making of.

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Kyin Swan Paung on Sat, 04 February 2012 7:20am
it's a very nice job, but i don't know how to create like this as for me it is a very charm. I'm also trying to create like this. Keep moving forward Brother. from Myanmar.
Valentin Yovchev on Wed, 21 December 2011 3:12pm
Hi guys i'mh appy you like it :) well it tooked about 30 minutes to render it and 2 3 hours to set the renders and things like that :) i've included the scene for download on so :) just search there for robot trabant :) and you will find it :P :D
Jim on Sun, 25 September 2011 11:51pm
There are some pieces floating itself, take care with this details. However your work it's awesome! Nice render and concepts! Jim.
Neil on Sat, 24 September 2011 8:27pm
cool cheers for this..
Ricardo Bruno Craveiro De Oliveira on Sat, 24 September 2011 3:23pm
Valentin Yovchev, I really liked Making its only a question how long it took to render? all the best for you!
Tek on Thu, 22 September 2011 8:50pm
Are there that many parts in an original Trabant? It looks like the Robot's 3 times as massive as the car itself.
Jamie Read on Thu, 22 September 2011 12:22pm
Wow. I have been on a 3D games art course for about 8 months now, learning 3D primarily for video games and at the moment I am still a novice, creating simple assets/models. I aspire to be able to create both great models suitable for games engines and also very high poly models for still renders like this. I will be looking out for more of your work in the future. Fantastic! Jamie
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