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Making Of 'Robot In Disguise'

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Date Added: 22nd September 2011
Software used:
Like any other peace even this has a background and a little bit of story to it. When I started to think what I want to make, I was very excited by the transformers movies. I'm a big fan of the animation series and the movies, and there were so many awesome robot designs that were really cool, but no-where was featuring really cool old types of Russian or German cars, and that disappointed me.

Well let's not blame Michael Bay for that! Since there were so many robot designs over the internet, I wanted to come up with an idea for a robot transformer that was powerful and angry looking but based on an old car. I started to come up with designs but nothing fit the idea I had in my head, and then whilst I was walking to a date one night I got hit by a girl driving a Trabant. I was ok, but the idea to make Trabant Transformer just HIT me in the pure meaning of the word!

When I got back home I started to collect Trabant references from all over the net.(Autobot)


Firstly I started to model the Trabant. When I create a robot I want to have the base ready so I can go nuts if you get what I mean, when I start to move things around on the robot. This is how my Trabant model looks after the modeling stage. I tried to put as much detail as possible in the model. (Fig.01)

Fig. 01

After the modeling stage I looked at my concept and started to move onto the robot. First of all I set a biped in the scene. I wanted to have all the correct proportions and joints. After putting the biped in my scene I looked at a few of my sketches that I had drawn. I drew my designs like black silhouettes and chose one for my robot. (Fig.02)

Fig. 02

Then I started to build the base skeleton of the robot using the biped that I put in the scene earlier. I started setting up the parts in groups and thinking how to connect the different parts of the robot using the car, the car engine, the wheels and anything else that is interesting, and I did this until I was happy. (Fig.03)

Fig. 03

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Kyin Swan Paung on Sat, 04 February 2012 7:20am
it's a very nice job, but i don't know how to create like this as for me it is a very charm. I'm also trying to create like this. Keep moving forward Brother. from Myanmar.
Valentin Yovchev on Wed, 21 December 2011 3:12pm
Hi guys i'mh appy you like it :) well it tooked about 30 minutes to render it and 2 3 hours to set the renders and things like that :) i've included the scene for download on so :) just search there for robot trabant :) and you will find it :P :D
Jim on Sun, 25 September 2011 11:51pm
There are some pieces floating itself, take care with this details. However your work it's awesome! Nice render and concepts! Jim.
Neil on Sat, 24 September 2011 8:27pm
cool cheers for this..
Ricardo Bruno Craveiro De Oliveira on Sat, 24 September 2011 3:23pm
Valentin Yovchev, I really liked Making its only a question how long it took to render? all the best for you!
Tek on Thu, 22 September 2011 8:50pm
Are there that many parts in an original Trabant? It looks like the Robot's 3 times as massive as the car itself.
Jamie Read on Thu, 22 September 2011 12:22pm
Wow. I have been on a 3D games art course for about 8 months now, learning 3D primarily for video games and at the moment I am still a novice, creating simple assets/models. I aspire to be able to create both great models suitable for games engines and also very high poly models for still renders like this. I will be looking out for more of your work in the future. Fantastic! Jamie
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