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Creating a glade using Grass-O-Matic Plugin

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:


This lesson contains the detail view of glade creation process. The lesson is reckon on 3DStudioMax users and also is based on Grass-O-Matic plugin for 3DSMAX. The lesson consist of six parts, where you Can learn how to create: a ground surface with lichen and naked regions, illumination of bright sun day, grass of different types, flowers and stones.

Creating ground surface

The first we draw in any 2D picture editor (for example in Photoshop) the mask for ground surface with path and hollows. It might be some of that kind:

Now let's create the region of a landscape. The first we create an object "Ground" of QuadPatch type:

Length: 200;
Width: 200;
Length Seg: 10;
Length Seg: 10;

Applying the modifier UVW Map:

Mapping: Planar;
Length: 200;
Width: 200.

Next you apply the modifier Displace:

Strength: -5;
Length: 200;
Width: 200;
Bitmap: "pic1.jpg";

Now you'll create two objects, that will serve us for placing grass, flowers and stones. Clone our "Ground" object and name it Grass_Mask. Convert it to Editable Mesh. Then we switch ViewPort to the Left View or to the Front View. Select faces like it shown on the picture:


Detach selected faces. Name detached object as Step_Mask. Hide both objects.

The next step is to create a Ground material for ground surface. It will consist of lichen and naked regions. Naked regions are pointed with the mask. Lichen region will be a mix of two bitmaps. Here is the scheme how to create the Ground material.

Now increase Self Illumination of material to 10 and our ground surface is ready. Apply the Ground material to our Ground object. You'll have something like that:



Next create a Target Directional Light, that will emulate sun. Setting parameters:

Multiplier: 1.3;
R: 255;
G: 248;
B: 210;
Cast Shadows: On;
Shadow Map Size: 2048;

Now create a system of directed lights for sky light emulation. Place them like it shown on the picture: They must have following parameters values:

Multiplier: 0.125
R: 188
G: 216
B: 227
Cast Shadows: Off

Next create one light more and direct it from bottom to top. It will emulate ground illumination:

Multiplier: 0,35
R: 189
G: 273
B: 138
Cast Shadows: Off

In fact, this part you can replace just increasing Self Illumination of all materials in scene, or using renderers Vray, Brazil, Global Illumination, Mental Ray and other.


Create object of Grass-O-Matic type and name it Grass_Green. It will be green grass on the glade. In Wind and Placement rollout of grass properties select the object Grass_Mask as a placement object. Set following parameters to grass object:

Diffuse texture for green grass material will be Swpeedc.jpg:


Create another grass object and name it Grass_Dead. It will be a dry grass on the glade. Object for placement - Grass_Mask. Set the parameters values as following:

Diffuse texture for green grass material will be DeadGrc.jpg:


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Lucarky on Tue, 19 March 2013 12:38am
Excuse me, but I don't understnad clearly the explanation on how to create the ground material... What passages I have to do to achieve the final material? Mix material? what's this? The scheme is too dispersive. Don't know the right steps to create the final material. Can someone
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