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Making Of 'Colossus'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
Colossus is one of my favorite X-MEN characters, I felt that he was left aside too much in the movies, so it would be a good idea to explore his potential a bit more, so I decided to make a nice image of him.

I first thought, that it would be nice to make an action scene, but I came with the idea of a more contrasting scene,
of the big massive hero but in a more relaxed pose, in the middle of a fire, like he was very calm in the middle of the chaos, confident that nothing could harm him in that situation. That was the main idea about this image.

This model started a long time ago as an anatomy study, I then intended to make the Juggernaut who is an unstoppable red giant, but in the middle of the process I finally decided to turn him into Colossus. I tweaked a lot with the proportions and remodeled the head and finally came up with the final model as you can see here.

As for the topology, I tried to avoidleaving any triangles and n-gons in the modelling of all the organic deformable objects, so I tried to make Colossus, an all quad model. Some parts that do not deform, like the back of the head, I did'nt care to much about making them quads so I left them, either as tris or n-gons, but I tried to avoid it anyway. I think it's better to leave a n-gon than a tri, they deform better in my opinion. You should really avoid them in the joint areas, it is better to buse them on a non-deformable part of the model or eliminate them if you can. Check the wireframe below.


Modelling process

The modeling process time is hard to tell, as I said it started this as a study of anatomy and topology, so I tweaked a lot with this model, before I realized what it would become, the pipes models are from another old project, and were modeled by my work colleague Marcelo Leal, I just duplicated them and modified the disposal of the pipes and retextured them for this project. I usually don't use other guys models in my personal projects, but I wanted to see if the pipes were going to work, I intended to rebuild them later, but they worked so nice, that I thought they were not a problem, and as he gave me permission, well I did not care too much, thanks Max!

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Pank on Wed, 01 August 2012 1:31pm
hey man that's really gr8 3d colossus i had been looking for someone who had made colossus and i find only u who had made it i really appreciate it i am a beginner and i would like to do it when i get to know 3d max better. i really don't know what u have done in it :)
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