robert schlenker

Cocoa Beach, FL

Trivia: Living on the beach Projects worked: Various projects at Universal Studios, Orlando

  • "Hermy" - character animation test
    Julian's walk cycle
    Julian's facial rig test
    The Rustle of Leaves (teaser)
  • Helen Ilnytska


    I`m a concept artist, specialize in environment design. I have a passion...

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    They are watching you!
    Happy birthday...
    Pirates adventures on a tropical island
  • Mike Brennan


    3d Artist

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    Salt & Pepper
    Awkward Moon
  • Edit Ballai

    I am a 3D/Concept Artist, from Hungary

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    Newtopia, I.
    2318:Rebirth, Part 9.
    Coria 066N
    2318:Rebirth, Part 8.
  • Light
    Waiting for the sun
  • Maycon Chaves

    Campinas, Brazil

    I am a motion designer, artist and 3D generalist. I Worked in movies, t...

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    Iron Bugs Bunny - Pernalonga de ferro
    Spix's Macaw - Ararinha Azul
    Tiê-sangue - Ramphocelus bresilius bresilius
    King Vulture