Moving your 3D work to cloud with Renderro. Interview with Piotr Chomczyk

Piotr Chomczyk

Company Owner and Founder

3dtotal chat to Renderro company owner and founder Piotr Chomczyk about the benefits of cloud working when creating amazing 3D artwork...

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As remote work and remote collaboration seem to stay with us for good now, many freelancers and studios found themselves in a quite new situation, where their day-to-day work had to be moved from the studio to home. If you haven’t had already been prepared for this with your powerful home workstation setup and fast network connection, you might have found yourself in a quite tricky spot and in a need plan to keep your work moving forward.

This need was a spark for the idea of Renderro - a cloud workplace for filmmakers and animators. Renderro gives you the option of using high-performance cloud computers for your everyday video editing, graphic design, and animation tasks. It also allows you to easily share the media with your teammates and collaborate in real-time with people all around the world.

Today we had a chance to discuss this idea with Renderro founder - Piotr Chomczyk, who has been working closely with VFX artists for the past decade. We’ve asked him where the idea came from and managed to get a closer look at what his startup offers.

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