Top 50 superhero fan art

As we prepare for the end of a cinematic era, let’s take a look back at our favourite superhero (and villain) fan-art from the last couple of years, by some of 3dtotal’s featured artists.

Superman, super hero, DC

Superman Decline 2. The Man of Steel has seen better days in Dan Roarty’s brilliant piece.
© Dan Roarty

Logan, wolverine, x-men, Hugh Jackman

A fittingly sombre tribute to Logan’s swansong.
© Kanishk Chouhan

Gladiator Hulk. Rohan Oka’s Bruce Banner has found a new calling in the arena.
© Rohan Oka

Captain America, toy, figure, Marvel, Steve Rogers, the avengers

Captain America. DocZenith captures Steve Rogers’ classic look.
© DocZenith

Xmen, Rouge, fierce

Rogue. Erlon Abrantes’ Rogue looks powerful and fierce.
© Erlon Abrantes

Spawn, figure,

Spawn. Maycon de Lima Andrade Correia’s sculpt of Al Simmons is amazing.
© Maycon de Lima Andrade Correia

Venom, Eddie Brock, Marvel, transformation

Venom. Eduardo Silva’s Eddie Brock is in mid-transformation.
© Eduardo Silva

supersons, Superman, Batman, DC

Super Sons. Eduardo Silva’s young successors to Superman and Batman live up to their parentage.
© Eduardo Silva

Venom, Spiderman, Marvel

Venom Separation Anxiety. Kenny Carmody brings us a stunning collection of Venom fan art.
© Kenny Carmody

Hellboy, old

Hellold. Mickael Lelievre brilliantly imagines an aged Hellboy.
© Mickael Lelievre

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