Top 50 environment concepts from 2018

Step into new worlds with this rundown of our favourite 2D and 3D environment concepts of 2018, by some of our featured artists!

5. Practice Concept. A rock-cut city is dwarfed by colossal hoodoos on José Julián Calle’s rugged desert planet.
Image © José Julián Calle
10. Final Fantasy Promo. Will trouble come to José Julián Calle’s beautiful, green idyll in this Final Fantasy concept art?
Image © José Julián Calle
15. The Owl. Classical Antiquity meets sleek sci-fi aesthetics in Dofresh’s imaginative concept. Image © Ronan Le Fur
20. Reminiscence – A Martian’s Goodnight. A new home has been found, but Michael Khoo’s lonely space colonists look back in longing. Image © Michael Khoo
25. Jaguars. Fantastical mountains loom in opposition in Diego Matiz’s South American-inspired landscape.
Image © Diego Matiz
30. Strangers. What awaits the human intruders in Arthur Gurin’s sea cavern? Image © Arthur Gurin
35. The Fractal Event. A Lovecraftian portal opens above an eerie mansion in Dofresh’s horror-inspired piece.
Image © Ronan Le Fur
40. The Hideaway. Vitaly Varna has built a home far from civilisation. Image © Vitaly Varna
45. Unknown Planet. A lone explorer watches a monstrous growth on Diego Matiz’s hostile planet. Image © Diego Matiz
50. Concept Elysium. Humanity reaches new heights in Nhan Le’s spectacular rendition of Elysium. Image © Nhan Le

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