Top 50 arch viz from 2018

Here’s our rundown of our 50 favourite arch viz works of 2018, by some of 3dtotal’s featured artists!

5. Office 44. A touch of green life brightens up Mohsen Hashemi’s dark, glossy office. © Mohsen Hashemi

10. Modern House. Unnatural geometry contrasts with lush nature in Pawel Baron’s gorgeous design. © Pawel Baron

15. Mediterranean. Cihan Ozkan delivers a vision of Mediterranean paradise. © Cihan Ozkan

20. Guest House. Nature lies just outside your front door in Vic Nguyen’s sun-dappled forest. © Vic Nguyen

25. Cantilever House. Guilherme Pinheiro’s architectural design is simple yet brilliant. © Guilherme Pinheiro

30. White Building. Hossein Yadollahpour’s amazing blobitecture is the heart of the city. © Hossein Yadollahpour

35. The White Entry. Step into Mohammed Abu Zaid’s lavish hallway. © Mohammed Abu Zaid

40. Welsh Wedding Venue. Modern marries old-fashioned at Gareth Morgan’s wedding venue. © Gareth Morgan

45. Moonlight. Aref Razavi’s beautiful woodland cabin is a great spot to watch for wildlife. © Aref Razavi

50. Japanese Room. Traditional aesthetics meet sleek modernity in Aref Razavi’s washitsu. © Aref Razavi

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