Top 50 3D characters from 2018

It’s impossible to choose a favourite, so we chose 50. Please dive into this rundown of our top 3D characters of 2018 by some of our featured artists!

5. Kissed by Fire. We love the attention to detail on Luis Omar’s photorealistic model of a rugged warrior. Image © Luis Omar
10. Albert Einstein. We absolutely adore Alexander Beim’s thoughtful portrait of the famous theoretical physicist.
Image © Alexander Beim
15. Indian Dancer. Rraj’s traditional Indian dancer looks both graceful and fierce. Image © Rraj
20. In My Remains. Synthesis’ grizzled, fantastically designed character seems to have a story to tell. Image © Synthesis
25. Hannibal. Anthony Hopkins’ Hannibal Lecter delivers a disconcerting threat in Alfonso Coppola’s excellent piece, where cartoon contours meet photorealistic textures. Image © Alfonso Coppola
30. Shogun Batman. The Batmobile looks a little different than usual in Marco Plouffe’s brilliantly imaginative rendering of Bruce Wayne. Image © Marco Plouffe
35. Crystal. Paulo Gonzaga perfectly captures a sense of childhood wonderment in this magical piece.
Image © Paulo Gonzaga
40. Dark Phoenix. Melvin Okoronkwo’s incredible model of Jean Grey’s alternate personality seems to burst off the screen. Image © Melvin Okoronkwo
45. Jungle Hunter. Rich worldbuilding and colours shine through in Yasimax’s piece, based on a fantasy concept
from Russell Dongjun Lu. Image © Yasimax
50. Tupac Shakur. Sometimes less is more in Hossein Diba’s visually stunning tribute to the late hip-hop star.
Image © Hossein Diba

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