Top 10 interviews October to December 2019

From daemons to videogame artists, check out the most popular interviews from October to December in 2019…

Animating daemons for “His Dark Materials”

We chat to Framestore Animation Supervisor Aulo Licinio about bringing the daemons to life in Phillip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials”…

his dark materials cgi
his dark materials cgi
his dark materials cgi

Libby Frame: Illustrator interview

Illustrator Libby Frame talks about the value of story in character design, her love of myth and folklore, and her dream of living a tiny woodland cottage…

Interview: character designer Tristan Yuvienco

Character designer Tristan Yuvienco gives some amazing advice on character design, marketing yourself as an artist and how constructive limits are better than a blank check…

wolf anthropomorphic 2d illustration

José Rodríguez: 3D Character Artist interview

3D Character Artist, Jose Rodriguez, updates us with his latest working techniques and projects in this artist spotlight interview...

Giovani Kososki: 3D modeler interview

“You need to find a rhythm that you feel comfortable to work with, and when you find it, keeping your portfolio up-to-date turns into a less complex process. It’s an exercise of patience and dedication!” Senior 3D modeler and art director Giovani Kososki shares his story and experience so far…

van gogh inspired 3d model design
van gogh inspired 3d model design

Interview: senior concept artist Sabin Boykinov

Ubisoft Senior Concept Artist, Sabin Boykinov talks about working on “Assassin’s Creed” and “The Division 2”, his personal inspirations and the most important thing you need to become a concept artist…

traditional art sketch african woman
traditional pencil sketch weeping man
traditional pencil sketch astronaut
traditional pencil sketch kraken pirate ship
horse rider in the desert with skulls

Farzin Izadyar: 3D character artist interview

Iranian 3D character artist Farzin Izadyar is a 3D Computer Games Design graduate currently building up is impressive portfolio of characters. Find out more…

futuristic robotic armoured soldier

Vova Paukov: 3D artist interview

3D artist Vova Paukov talks about translating Cedric Peyravernay’s artwork to 3D, sharing his character workflow and other inspirations!

Burak Gök: game artist interview

Game artist Burak Gök from Turkey shares work from his portfolio and his Blender, ZBrush, Substance Painter, and Marvelous Designer workflow...

Interview: character designer Isaac Jadraque

CDQ10 artist and character designer Isaac Jadraque talks about drawing inspiration, character design tips and great advice for budding artists…

man girl and dog watching scenery

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