The top eight most inspirational interviews from 3dtotal

Check out the top ten inspirational interviews on 3dtotal in the last 3 months, including interviews with 3D character artist Momen Elwan and children book illustrator James Firnhaber.

Libby Frame: Illustrator interview

Illustrator Libby Frame talks about the value of story in character design, her love of myth and folklore, and her dream of living a tiny woodland cottage…

Libby's Website

Momen Elwan: 3D character artist interview

3D character artist Momen Elwan gives an insight as to his creative processes after graduating from a faculty of engineering, telling us his workflow and other important tips.

Momen's Instagram
racing driving cockpit 3d model render sculpt

maniacarta: generalist & technical artist interview

Japanese artist maniacarta shares portfolio work and talks about the desire to create high-quality real-time character artwork…

Mania's Artstation

Artist Journey: designer Ulfat Ktaifan

“The biggest turning point to me was the camera! I think the composition is 50% of the render!” Arch-viz artist Ulfat Ktaifan shares her artist journey so far…

Ulfat's Instagram

Interview: James Firnhaber

Illustrator James Firnhaber discusses creating art for childrens books, blending profundity with goofiness and experiments in making games...

James' Instagram

Interview: Justine Cunha

Method Animation Studios character designer Justine Cunha shares her artistic journey, and reveals the secrets, tips, and advice behind her awesome characters...

Justine's Artstation

Artist Journey: 3D character artist Waynewan

“Sometimes learning is just like climbing a mountain; the harder you try to achieve, the better the view.” 3D character artist Waynewan offers words of advice while looking back at his artistic journey so far…

Waynewan's Artstation
asian anime style character model render sakura flowers
male character design moody dark render model

Digital humans: An interview with Chris Jones

We talk to the one-man band, Chris Jones, about his incredible animated digital human project, involving LightWave 3D plus a number of free tools, including Sculptrisand Blender...

Chris' Website

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