The most popular tutorials from the last two years

Brush up on your skills with these top 20 tutorials from 2020 and 2019 that cover a range of topics including creating 3D stylized characters and producing realistic hair designs…

3D character workflow tutorial for ZBrush, Maya, & Substance Painter by Darko Mitev

Darko Mitev takes us through the ZBrush, Maya, and Substance Painter workflow for his incarcerated but “Innocent” 3D humanoid character concept…

Darko's Website

Model a stylized female with “Wild Hair” using ZBrush, 3ds Max, and Marvelous Designer
by Javier Benítez

Senior 3D artist Javier Benver outlines the workflow used for his stylized female character, designed to have very wavy hair, taking us from ZBrush through to Arnold…

stylized female character design model render 3d hair
Javier's ArtStation

Shoe modeling with Blender by Jakob Scheidt

Jakob Scheidt takes us through the Blender process for modeling a low-poly sneaker and converting it to high-poly, for later refinement in Substance Painter…

blender tutorial shoes trains 3d poly maker sculpt
Jakob's ArtStation

3D character creation in Blender: Firefighter – references & modeling (Part 1) by Jakob Scheidt

In part 1 of Jakob Scheidt’s 3D character creation in Blender series, he begins with the references and modeling of a Firefighter…

Jakob's ArtStation

Creating a real-time photorealistic portrait in ZBrush by Vova Paukov

Senior 3D artist Vova Paukov takes us through the thought processes and workflow behind his photorealistic portrait “Camille Case” using ZBrush, Substance Painter, and Marmoset Toolbag…

3d sculpt female character model design
Vova's ArtStation

Making Webcomics in Clip Studio Paint by Teresa del Pilar

Comic artist Teresa del Pilar demonstrates how to use Clip Studio Paint to create a full webcomic page…

2d illustration comic creation style character design
Teresa's Portfolio

Sculpt & model an organic creature in ZBrush & Maya by Fran Alonso

3D modeler Fran Alonso takes us through the workflow for creating an organic creature with ZBrush, Maya, Mari, and Arnold…

Fran's Website

Creating a stylized character with ZBrush, Maya, and Marvelous Designer by Cristina Ortega

Follow Cristina Ortega’s process for creating a stylized character with ZBrush, Maya, and Marvelous Designer, taking inspiration from Laia Lopez's concept "Michi"…

character design model 3d pink hair cute sculpt maya
Cristina's ArtStation

Model a stylized female “Rider” in ZBrush & Maya by Giovane Henriques

Check out how Giovane Henriques created “Rider” in ZBrush and Maya, also featuring video guides and a workflow that includes Substance Painter and XGen…

Giovane's ArtStation

Create a whimsical spaniel 3D scene in 3ds Max by Petr Vykoukal

Petr Vykoukal takes us through the 3ds Max, Ornatrix, and Substance Painter workflow for his delightful “Ridiiing!” concept, as a Spaniel races past the Arc de Triomphe on a Vespa!

dog driving motorbike paris environment 3d sculpt
Petr's ArtStation

Sculpt a realistic pirate in Maya & ZBrush by Jeongmin Lee

Jeongmin Lee takes us through the Maya, ZBrush, and V-Ray workflow for her 3D sculpted male pirate character…

Jeongmin's Website

Sculpt a stylized portrait in 3D with ZBrush by Harnain Singh

Harnain Singh takes inspiration from Loish and sculpts a stylized 3D female portrait using ZBrush and Marmoset Toolbag...

zbrush 3d model loish inspired design character female
Harnain's ArtStation

Create an arch-viz city scene with multiple lighting in 3ds Max by Mohsen Hashemi

Render Expert founder and arch-viz guru Mohsen Hashemi takes us through the process of creating a city scene by day, by dusk, and in wide-shot, using 3ds Max and other software…

Mohsen's ArtStation

Cinematic approach to light & color by Mohsen Hashemi

Arch-viz expert Mohsen Hashemi takes a closer look at cinematic approaches to light & color, showing how they can be applied to your own artwork…

cityscape sunset environmental design render realism scenery
Mohsen's ArtStation

Painting skin textures by Gina Nelson

Learn to paint the skin textures for youth, middle-aged, and old skin; applying skin tones, pores, oiliness, and other realistic elements…

ages skin wrinkles 3d model textures realism
Gina's Instagram

Creating a Stylized Character in ZBrush, Maya, and Substance Painter by Yulia Sokolova

Yulia Sokolova is a freelance 2D/3D character artist and tutorial instructor working with Disney, Envato, and mobile games studios. She is currently focused on modeling 3D characters for games and animated movies.

female asian character design model render 3d sculptor
Yulia's ArtStation

Realistic eye texture painting by Gina Nelson

In this tutorial you will learn to create a realistic eye texture, step by step, from start to finish…

Gina's Instagram

7 of the best online resources for Blender users by Paul Hatton

Speed up your workflow, get better at Blender, and make the most of existing resources by using these online resources…

Paul's 3dtotal page

Creating stylized characters for games by Yulia Sokolova

2D/3D Character Artist Yulia Sokolova shares her process for creating a real-time character model for games in ZBrush, Maya, Substance Painter, and Marmoset…

3d model character design render female flapper 1920's
Yulia's ArtStation

Hair creation with XGen by Michael Robson

3D character artist Michael Robson takes us through the process of creating the hair from his latest personal project "Magni, King of the Ironforge" using XGen and Maya…

Michael's ArtStation

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