The most inspirational tutorials from the last three months!

Check out the most inspirational tutorials on 3dtotal in the last 3 months, including creating stylized characters with zbrush, painting realistic skin textures and rigging with maya software.

Creating a stylized character with ZBrush, Maya, and Marvelous Designer
by Cristina Ortega

Follow Cristina Ortega’s process for creating a stylized character with ZBrush, Maya, and Marvelous Designer, taking inspiration from Laia Lopez's concept "Michi"…

How to design a compelling character that tells a story
by Magdalina Dianova

CDQ9 artist Magdalina Dianova demonstrates her method for character design for animation; covering storytelling, shape language, expression and color…

character design for animation expression girl 2d illustration

Painting skin textures
by Gina Nelson

Learn to paint the skin textures for youth, middle-aged, and old skin; applying skin tones, pores, oiliness, and other realistic elements…

aging skin 2d illustration rendering wrinkles

Introduction to rigging in Maya - Part 1 - Introduction
by Jahirul Amin

I am a Computer Animation and Visual Effects Trainer and Consultant specialising in designing and delivering courses to create solid and diverse production ready skills in all 3D related departments and across a number of facilities worldwide

3d male model rigging rendering Computer Animation and Visual Effects Trainer and Consultant

Shoe modeling with Blender
by Jakob Scheidt

Jakob Scheidt takes us through the Blender process for modeling a low-poly sneaker and converting it to high-poly, for later refinement in Substance Painter…

sports shoes 3d model render design sculpt
shoes sportswear model render 3d trainers

Painting skin damage
by Gina Nelson

In this tutorial, Gina Nelson takes you through the process for painting various types of damage to skin and flesh, with helpful hints and tips to achieve a realistic look quickly...

scarring bruising blood model 2d illustration realism
bullet wound injury realistic 2d design

7 of the best online resources for Blender users
by Paul Hatton

Speed up your workflow, get better at Blender, and make the most of existing resources by using these online resources…

cgcookie online resources blender website
render model resource 3d creation website

Starting out as a 3D artist – 10 killer tips to drive you to success
by Paul Hatton

In the final of our series on starting out as a 3D artist, Paul Hatton utilizes 2 decades of experience to offer 10 killer tips to drive you to success. Parts 1 to 5 covered modeling and rendering software, hardware, tutorials, and resources…

2d illustration power station design landscape

Realistic eye texture painting
by Gina Nelson

In this tutorial you will learn to create a realistic eye texture, step by step, from start to finish…

Hair creation with XGen
by Michael Robson

3D character artist Michael Robson takes us through the process of creating the hair from his latest personal project "Magni, King of the Ironforge" using XGen and Maya…

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