The 20 most inspiring interviews of 2020

Check out the most inspiring interviews of 2020 with topics including the workflow of artists, their thoughts and process behind certain projects and career advice to aspiring artists.

Javier Benítez: senior 3D artist interview

Javier Benítez, aka Javier Benver, shares some of his latest 3D character artwork and talks about the workflow and difficulties behind them, and aspirations for the future…

Javier's Instagram

Park Hye Lin: 3D character artist interview

South Korean 3D character artist and student, Park Hye Lin, shares his developing workflow and his hopes and aims for the future…

Park's ArtStation

Piotr Kujko: character artist interview

Asset & character artist for Platige Image, Piotr Kujko, shares the workflow and inspirations behind his Bob Marley portrait, and a whole host of inspirations sure to inspire!

Piotr's ArtStation

Nicolás López: character artist interview

“The biggest challenge is to always do nice work that reflects the amazing concept I took the idea from.” Find out more about 3D character artist Nicolás López…

Nicolas's ArtStation

Simon Gomez: texture/look dev artist interview

Texture & Look Dev artist Simon Gomez has made the most of lockdown, using it to catch up on personal work and explore different concepts. Find out more…

Simon's ArtStation

Oleg Bozhko: 3D artist interview

Plarium Game Studio 3D artist Oleg Bozhko talks about the workflow behind his latest gallery image, and the need to work in a field that inspires you. Find out more…

Oleg's ArtStation

Ali Daneshgar: lead 3D character artist interview

Lead 3D character artist Ali Daneshgar has worked on shows ranging from The Walking Dead to Supergirl. Find out his story so far, and learn some helpful tips for ZBrush and 3ds Max…

Ali's ArtStation

Cristina Ortega: character artist interview

Character artist Cristina “Ina” Ortega currently works in feature animation for Jellyfish Pictures, creating amazing character concepts and models. Her latest gallery entry was “Michi”, from a Laia Lopez concept. Find out more about her workflow and inspirations…

Cristina's ArtStation

Negro Elkha: 3D generalist interview

Negro Elkha is a self-taught 3D generalist whose latest project was inspired by the cosmos and caravan-living, while trying to push his knowledge. Find out more…

Negro's ArtStation

Illia Loginov: character modeler interview

Freelance character modeler Illia Loginov shares workflow tips and advice for working in 3D, and mentions checking out the credits of your favorite movies for new artists to inspire you! Find out more…

Illia's ArtStation

Prasanth Chundakkattil: lighting & look dev artist interview

Lighting and look-dev artist Prasanth Chundakkattil shares impressive work from his portfolio and talks about his passion to continue evolving as an artist. Read on…

Prasanth's ArtStation

Danka Chiang : “Gears of War 5” main title sequence

3D artist Danka Chiang shares her workflow and images behind the “Gears of War 5” main title sequence…

Danka's Website

Treehouse Ninjas: studio interview

Mauro Frau and the Treehouse Ninjas are back to discuss working on Cyberpunk 2077, The Heretic and a vision of the future of the games and movies industries…

Treehouse Ninja's Website

Yuichiro Fujita: senior character artist interview

“From an artistic point of view, the silhouette (primary form or outline, in other words) is always a challenging and exciting point for me.” Read more from our interview with senior character artist Yuichiro Fujita…

Yuichiro's ArtStation

Eric Candido: 3D generalist interview

3D generalist Eric Candido shares his artistic story so far, and tips for beginners. “I think the secret is to always be studying, producing, and trying to solve as many problems as you can.”

Eric's ArtStation

Saravanan Govindaraj: senior lighting & compositing artist interview

Senior lighting and compositing artist Saravanan Govindaraj shares his workflow and artwork from his portfolio in this interview…

Saravanan's ArtStation

Konstantin Gdalevich: lead character artist interview

Surfacing artist & lead character artist Konstantin Gdalevich talks about the inspiration that comes about from converting 2D characters to 3D, how workflows are constantly evolving, and how important it is to have manageable goals. Read on to find out more…

Konstanin's Website

Moacir Junior: 3D modeler interview

“I always tend to brainstorm in Photoshop first, to have a better idea of what I’m trying to create.” 3D modeler Moacir Junior from Brazil outlines his workflow and talks about his career so far…

Moacir's ArtStation

Gean Carlos Gomes Vieira: 3D character artist interview

Brazilian 3D character artist Gean Carlos talks about self-learning and offers insight into his workflow. Check out his portfolio and more…

Gean's ArtStation

Ahmad N. Turki: VFX lead artist interview

“For any project I work on, I always try to create breakdowns that will help to build up my demo reel and portfolio later on.” Lead VFX artist Ahmad N. Turki offers advice and insight into his career so far…

Ahmad's ArtStation

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