Disney through the ages: Top 15 Disney fan art

Relive the enchantment in our rundown of our 15 favourite Disney fan art, by some of 3dtotal’s featured artists!

Trick or Treat

post-apocalyptic mickey mouse and pluto

Don Deivit brilliantly reimagines Mickey as a post-apocalyptic wastelander and Pluto as his robot companion. © Don Deivit

Cyber Donald

cyborg donald duck

Felipe Ferreira brilliantly envisions Donald Duck as a cyborg. © Felipe Ferreira

Snow White

snow white dark side

Gilberto Ribeiro delivers a darker take on Disney’s youngest princess. © Gilberto Ribeiro

Super Sweet

evil queen

Yilu Hao’s Evil Queen is disguise looks amazingly real. © Yilu Hao

Skull Pinocchio

Skull Pinocchio

Teodoru Badiu spooky puppet is awesome and adorable! © Teodoru Badiu

Cheshire Cat

cheshire cat

Michael Kutsche’s grinning cat is appropriately unnerving. © Michael Kutsche


Roger 101 Dalmatians

Leticia Reinaldo’s Roger is savouring life. © Leticia Reinaldo

Belle’s Cottage

Belle's cottage

Rafael Chies perfectly captures the quaint beauty of Belle’s provincial life. © Rafael Chies


Timon does the hula

Fabio Wasques’ amazing Timon does the hula. © Fabio Wasques

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear real life

Raoni Nery imagines Buzz Lightyear as a real astronaut. © Raoni Nery

Liu Yifei


Park Jung-won’s tribute to the upcoming live-action Mulan looks beautiful and fierce. © Park Jung-won

Squirt the Turtle

Squirt the Turtle

Mariano Tazzioli’s Squirt is absolutely adorable! © Mariano Tazzioli



We just want to give Adrien Lambert’s WALL-E a hug. © Adrien Lambert

Pete’s Dragon

pete's dragon in forest

Edvige Faini amazingly depicts Pete’s furry dragon companion. © Edvige Faini

Mickey Mouse’s Workshop

mickey mouse sculpt walt disney

The creation becomes the creator in Max Uzkikh’s wonderful tribute. © Max Uzkikh

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