9 Scenes from Summer 2021

Go on a journey with these fantastic artworks from over the summer.

buddha jungle Ancient artwork render model environment digital art
Ancient Temple. This captivating and mysterious jungle concept is by Ritunjoy Hazarika. © Ritunjoy Hazarika
stylised piece character creature design model render stylised design
Short Cut 3. This wonderful stylised piece is by Chris Cragg. © Chris Cragg
digital art snow neon-lit urban snowscape winter
Closing Hours. Ismail Inceoglu delivers yet another brilliant concept with this neon-lit urban snowscape. © Ismail Inceoglu
japanese horror girl tentacles sinister scene digital design render
Tree of Life. This beautiful but sinister scene is by Satoshi Ueda. © Satoshi Ueda
nature overgrown render model robot sci-fi setting environment
LOST. Nature overgrows technology in Ki Hyunyong’s futuristic work. © Ki Hyunyong
3d model classroom teacher render character model students
The Classroom. Cristiano Porfirio pays a delightful tribute to educators. © Cristiano Porfirio

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