9 Creatures from Summer 2021

These critters and monsters are some of the best of summer 2021

sea creature design render model deep-sea Dracula 3d
Vampire Fish. Ruslan Biriukov’s deep-sea Dracula greets a new night in this delightful work. © Ruslan Biriukov
invader The Tomorrow War  White Spikes horror creature design render
The Tomorrow War - White Spikes Design. Ken Barthelmey shares the final design for the alien invaders of The Tomorrow War. © Ken Barthelmey
3d horror crocodile render model creature design
Fishmonger. This amazing 3D take on Devon Cady-Lee’s digital painting is by Carlos Villagomez.
© Carlos Adrian Gonzalez Villagomez
summer holiday swimming otters character design rendering 3d
Holding hands. Gabriela Fuentes took August’s “Staff Picks” crown with this lovely scene of two sweet otters.
© Gabriela Fuentes

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