50 amazing mythological artworks

Please enjoy this collection of beautiful artwork of gods, goddesses, legendary heroes and creatures, all based on or inspired by Ancient and Classical mythology, tradition, and folklore from around the world.

Chinese lovers romance ghost
5. The Enchanting Shadow. This romantic and enigmatic scene by Wu Jianhua is breathtakingly beautiful. © Wu Jianhua
Indian mythology religion narasimha avatar epic hindu hinduism
10. Narasimha Avatar. We’re awed by Kallesh Thippeswamy’s fantastic sculpt of Vishnu’s part-lion avatar.
© Kallesh Thippeswamy
Greek mythology hydra hercules herakles epic
15. Hercules vs Hydra. Ken Barthelmey delivers this absolutely astounding rendition of the legendary battle.
© Ken Barthelmey
witch sorceress Filipino Filipina Philippines folklore
20. Mamalarang. Andrei Pervukhin brings an astonishing depiction of a Cebuano witch from Philippine folklore.
© Andrei Pervukhin
Japan Japanese demon oni
25. Legendary Oni Shinigami. The Japanese spirit of death takes terrifying form, courtesy of James Lin. © James Lin
Japanese dragon creature
30. Dragon02_01. Keita Fujii’s depiction of a dragon is bursting with colour and texture. © Keita Fujii
Persian mythology god demon epic
35. Slay of the Div. This amazing and vivid scene from Persian mythology is brought to us by Siavosh Houshmandi. © Siavosh Houshmandi
European folklore goblin gnome
40. Shine. Romain Chassefiere’s portrait of a goblin is astonishingly realised. © Romain Chassefiere
Greek mythology perseus medusa hero epic
45. Perseus. The Greek hero wields the head of Medusa in Farzad Maleki’s phenomenal sculpt. © Farzad Maleki
Biblical horsemen apocalypse Bible religion
50. War. This breathtaking depiction of the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse is brought to us by Joao Fiuza. © Joao Fiuza

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