35 artworks of fantasy warriors

Here are 40 of 3dtotal’s favourite artworks of fantasy warriors and fighters.

warrior group 3d model
Warrior concept. We’re blown away by Farzad Maleki’s barbarian sculpt. © Farzad Maleki
female tough warrior armoured
Svetlana the Warrior of Light. This breathtaking subterranean scene is brought to us by Dreadleft. © Dreadleft
female samurai 3d japanese model
Sana the Samurai. Juan Puerta brings us this stunning Japanese-inspired sculpt. © Juan Puerta
skeleton soldier 3d model
Skeleton soldier (Darksiders-II). We love Sujeet Kumar’s stylised sculpt of a skeletal warrior. © Sujeet Kumar
sniper warrior 3d male
Giant Marksman (OccultArt Collab). Bona3D and OccultArt’s unlikely sniper looks awesome! © Bona3D
3d sculpt warrior character
Knight. Kojiro Yahata’s sculpt is full of detail and atmosphere. © Kojiro Yahata
giant battleground warrior  3d
Warground. This outstanding battle scene is by Mohammed Nazmul Hoque. © Mohammed Nazmul Hoque

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