30 fantasy & sci-fi characters & creatures from 2019

Delve into this compilation of just some of 2019’s incredible fantasy and sci-fi creatures and characters…

demon character with evil pets
AESHMA the demon of wrath and rage. Kiarash Tamizkar’s Zoroastrian-inspired sculpt is incredible. © Kiarash Tamizkar
cyberpunk futuristic female character design
All Seeing Sue. We’re blown away by Pawel Jaruga’s cyberpunk villainess. © Pawel Jaruga
armoured female warrior fantasy setting
Svetlana the warrior of light. Dreadleft’s fearless and magnificent warrior is ready for a fight. © dreadleft
sphinx egyptian inspired character 3d model
Sphinx. Daniel Lins’s Ancient Egyptian sculpt is outstanding. © Daniel Lins
raven masked warrior 3d model
Ancient Warrior concept. This fearsome design is brought to us by AstIIL. © AstIIL
hintata naruto fanmade art 3d model
Byakugan Princess | Hinata. Evan Gintsiak’s young princess is mysterious and magical. © Evan Gintsiak
horizon zero dawn inspired character design
Horizon Quad X and Rushorizon - Mega Man meets Horizon Zero Dawn. We love Marco Splash’s incredibly detailed video game crossover. © Marco Splash
hollow knight skeleton character
Hollow Knight. Alexandr Novitskiy’s skeletal knight design is brilliant. © Alexandr Novitskiy
dwarf male character
Magni, King of the Ironforge. This marvellous dwarven design is from Michael Robson. © Michael Robson
princess character 3d model
Fairy. Bohlool Belarak’s fairy queen is beautiful and regal. © Bohlool Belarak

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