25 fantasy artworks of mages and magic users

Take a look at 25 of our favorite magical characters from the 3dtotal galleries.

female blind witch portrait
Panyin the Blind-eyed Witch. Gabriel Dionisio’s enigmatic portrait is absolutely amazing. © Gabriel Dionisio
female owl sorcerer
Owl Sorcerer. Vahid Ahmadi brings us this magnificent piece. © Vahid Ahmadi
mystical shaman 3d
Shaman. This mystical sculpt is by Amir Hossein. © Amir Hossein
goblin looking magical creatre
Loremaster. Ryan Hansford’s satyr weaves magic in this delightful scene. © Ryan Hansford
elf witch with fireball
Elf Witch. Zackb brings this mesmerising piece. © Zackb

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