25 artworks of winter 2019-2020

We look back on some of 3dtotal’s favorite artworks from winter 2019-2020, featuring demons, portraits, and dragons!

3d model marble look alike
Matapaco. We're blown away by Claudio Saavedra's spectacular and powerful artwork. © Claudio Saavedra
futuristic sc-fi racer 3d
The grid. Dofresh delivers this vivid sci-fi scene. © Dofresh
sneaky raccoons 3d environment
Inglorious Raccoons. Raccoons pull off a culinary heist in Maria Cifuentes's superb and adorable artwork. © Maria Cifuentes
Australian firefighter 3d sculpture
H E R O E S. This outstanding and poignant sculpt of an Australian firefighter is by Farzad Maleki.
marvel ghost rider model
Ghost Rider. This terrific take on Ghost Rider is brought to us by S M Bonin. © S M Bonin
ladybird and grassy environment
COCCI. A lovable ladybird has found a home in Simon Blanc's enchanting forest scene. © Simon Blanc
3d pirate design
Pirate. This breathtaking and lifelike image of a pirate is by Karna. © Karna

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