24 “Dominant Birds” themed contest entries

6 seemingly ordinary birds

These birds may look unassuming, but they possess unusual qualities.

Council of Northern Lands. In this captivating work, Kate Ovchinnikova envisions a post-apocalyptic future ruled by birds.
© Kate Ovchinnikova | Nocte Rapax

6 human-like birds

These designs are as humanoid as they are bird-like.

shaman phoenix. This gorgeous fantasy concept is by Pavel Rybakov. © Pavel Rybakov
Mor Rani. We love the vivid colours of Ashok Dass’s beautiful peacock queen. © Ashok Dass
concept art dominant bird. Splimen’s design for a bird mage looks incredible! © Splimen
Third Eye Goddess. This gorgeous and vibrant piece by Shanmugavel Velu is inspired by Indian spiritualism.
© Shanmugavel Velu

6 giant birds

These birds have achieved monstrous proportions.

Mythical Feathered Beast. Karl Ahn’s flying colossus rules the sky in this fantastic work. © Karl Ahn
Expedition. Karyna Yurchenko’s unfortunate explorers run afoul of a winged monster. © Karyna Yurchenko
King of the Birds. Humans pay tribute to King Apo, an immense Philippine eagle, in Tsad De Lira’s impressive work.
© Tsad De Lira
Griffin. This excellent take on a familiar beast from ancient folklore is by Marco Espinosa. © Marco Espinosa

6 unique birds

Gladiator. Tellox’s adorable knight is ready for any challenge. © Tellox

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