20 “Modern Witch or Wizard” themed contest entries

Here are our favourite submissions from our second themed contest of 2021, witchcraft in a modern context.

andean witch modern spin  ancient culture female witch 2d
LAYLA - Andean Modern Witch. Joaquín Ángel Ponce Vives puts a modern spin on ancient culture with this awesome design for a young Andean witch and her llama companion. © Joaquín Ángel Ponce Vives
2d ice scream modern watercolour makeover witch
Modern-day witch. Martyna Gadalinska gives a child-friendly twist and a lovely watercolour makeover to Baba Yaga and her chicken-legged forest hut. © Martyna Gadalinska
motorbike vehicle 3d character model render design female
When the broom is broken. Kiki and Jiji make do with an alternative vehicles in Zoé Prokofieva’s wonderful tribute to Hayao Miyazaki’s 1989 film. © Zoé Prokofieva
dark drama modern day witch regal hat 2d illustration
Modern-day fancy witch~. Marry Mind’s magical fashionista has a taste for drama in this excellent design. © Marry Mind

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