20 glorious space-themed artworks

Explore beyond our planet in this compilation of beautiful artwork depicting past, present and future spaceflight and exploration.

children space rocket
5. Roofs, Rockets and Adventures beyond. Childhood dreams have no limit in this vivid piece by Marek Denko. © Marek Denko
astronaut Moon Mars
10. Trilogy | From The Moon to Mars: Celebrating Apollo’s 50th Anniversary. Jesus Bibian delivers this jaw-droppingly gorgeous tribute to past landings and future destinations. © Jesus Bibian
astronaut earth blue dot
15. The Earth Touch. Alessandro Anzola’s spaceman is larger than life. © Alessandro Anzola
female astronaut spaceship takeoff
20. He’s going home. New journeys begin in farewells in this stunning and unforgettable piece by Col Price. © Col Price

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