20 Feel-Good Character and Monster Art

Lockdown got you down? Here are 20 fuzzy and feel-good character and monster artworks that will definitely make you smile!

flying purple fluffy monster boy clouds
Paz. A child finds its wings in Marcos Moraes’s heartwarming scene. © Marcos Moraes
colourful MMORPG creatures cute 3d model design
Maplestory 2. Richard Jusuf’s MMORPG-inspired topdown environment is bursting with colour and cartoon deliciousness.
© Richard Jusuf
little character cute design male 3d model
Yummy. Caroline Ng’s 3D take on Gop Gag’s cute concept looks great! © Caroline Ng
pokemon fanart 3d model cute shellfish
Dwebble - Pokemon fanart. S. Montecinos’s take on the Bug-Rock Pokemon looks absolutely adorable! © S. Montecinos

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