20 cute animals

Want art to cheer you up? Here are 20 of our favorite cute and cuddly critters that are guaranteed to lift your mood!

unhappy robin 3d illustration model
Ciglitto. Matteo Caruso’s grouchy robin wishes it was bigger. © Matteo Caruso
cute frog lizard 3d model
My friend is a frog!. Nicoló Granese’s captivating scene looks magical! © Nicoló Granese
raccoon 2d illustration art
Inglorious Raccoons. Food-loving raccoons make a quick getaway in Maria Cifuentes’s delightful scene. © Maria Cifuentes
fox and boy snowy landscape 2d
How we met. Robertocf’s young heroine makes a furry friend in this wonderful and heartwarming scene. © Robertocf

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