15 likenesses of winter 2019-2020

Please enjoy this compilation of some of our favorite portraits and likenesses from winter 2019-2020…

stranger things character design
Stranger Things fan art - Mr Bunman. This fantastic portrait of Stranger Things' eccentric Murray Bauman is brought to us by Kwangbae Byun. © Kwangbae Byun
ryan gosling 3d character model
Jonathan Ingram - POLICENAUTS. Robert Smith casts Ryan Gosling as a Kojima policenaut in this spectacular piece.
© Robert Smith
gigi hadid portrait 3d
G G. Andreiz Szasz delivers this breathtaking depiction of Gigi Hadid. © Andrei Szasz
tim roth real time character
Wanderer - real-time character. This terrific take on Tim Roth is by Elizaveta Loseva. © Elizaveta Loseva
tilda swinton 3d realistic model
Gabriel - Constantine. Sujung Kwon's Tilda Swinton looks stunningly lifelike.

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