15 fantasy artworks of winter 2019-2020

Please enjoy this retrospective on a few of 3dtotal's fantasy artworks from winter 2019-2020…

league of legends female character
Miss Fortune Waterloo - real time. Konstantin Gdalevich's take on the League of Legends bounty hunter is gorgeous.             
© Konstantin Gdalevich
fantasy asian inspired female character
JOJO. Wayne Wan's Jojo lets paper lanterns fly in this lovely piece. © Wayne Wan
forest castle fantasy landscape
Royaume. The vivid colours of Alfven Ato's majestic landscape piece are just exquisite! © Alfven Ato
environmental artwork
Hallway. Crumbling ruins dwarf a lone visitor in Jose Julian's fantastic environmental artwork. © Jose Julian
Roman Kupriyanov female character 3d
Jjahawa (UE4 Project). Haitham Zaki brings this mesmerising depiction of Roman Kupriyanov's character. © Haitham Zaki
environmental landscape piece
The Lost City. Colossal statues flank the entrance to Onur Cayli's forgotten civilisation in this spectacular piece. © Onur Cayli
medieval city landscape 2d
TH Challenge. It's a day of festivities in Sofia Maldonado's vibrant and bustling medieval city scene. © Sofia Maldonado

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