14 wintery scenes of 20-21

Here is a short collection of some of our favourite creatures, critters, and environments from winter 2020-2021.

cityscape 3d model environment scenery ships sci-fi
Future Planet. A domed city thrives on Yota Tasaki’s alien planet. © Yota Tasaki
2d digital painting environment setting painting
Technicians on Call. Ismail Inceoglu’s signature style brings vibrancy to an inhospitable terrain. © Ismail Inceoglu
oris cityscape environment setting design 2d dirty city
ORIS City. The familiar meets the fantastical in Darko Mitev’s grungy cyberpunk city. © Darko Mitev
asian japanese cityscape sci-fi signage 3d model settings
Tokyo Aquarium. Yota Tasaki gives the cyberpunk aesthetic a surreal spin in this beautiful piece. © Yota Tasaki
overgrown setting environment 2d character primate jungle temple
Canoa. In this gorgeous scene, horned primates make their home in the ruins of Diego Borda’s jungle temple. © Diego Borda
love letter confession love setting library 3d environment
Love Letter. This sweet and cosy scene is brought to us by Lee-seong Hong. © Lee-seong Hong

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