10 renders I love and why

3D artist Mohsen Hashemi takes us on an inspirational visual tour of some of this favorite 3D renders, looking at different aspects that make them successful, from the compositions, to the lighting, to the meaning behind the artists’ choices. Enjoy!

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As we have a big community with a vast amount of fields of visualization, every day we face something that blows our minds. We get amazed, inspired, and mesmerized by the different renders we see every day and because of that, it’s always cool to talk about our opinions about 3D creations. In this article, I have a chance to talk about some renders from my favorite artists and studios. Just remember it is all about my personal viewpoint, and what I received from these artworks.

1. Lagmansgarden School - Brick Visual

I remember when a long time ago I saw something from BrickVisual on the internet. I was just like, WOW!!! The more I look at that image, the more I am amazed by it. So, they become my favorite even before I knew where they were based. A big inspiration in how to tell a story with images. What could be more delicate than a beautiful sunny day for children to play and have fun in a school in the middle of the jungle – as the little girl is playing in the foreground you can see her mother is talking with the school staff in the mid-ground and her bright future shines in the background straight to her path. There are three main parts of the image and each of them participates in the story. This is something that you like to follow and see on other renders.

outdoor play area model render space 3d

2. Tekwondo - Karim Moussa el Ramly

No doubt Karim Moussa is not just a 3D artist, as he made this pose so perfect. He is an athlete and one of my idols in many directions. So this render is a 3D workshop, you can see how much potential there is for an artist in making any 3D scene. For me, it was like a huge scary joke when I saw his album for the first time – every single image was showing a big Taekwondo competition with some tatamis and showing different matches.

It’s still a big secret for me how he managed to make a big scene like this. Maybe when you want to make something big, you will find a way and he found the best way of showing an exciting competition. The detail, like the viewer’s flags, board lights, scores, stadium design, stairs, handrails, and even the athletes clothes and wrinkles on the cloth, is something he really spent time on and as he is a good director. He knows how to stick everything together to make an unbelievable story. So for every single image just keep silent and watch.

It's very nice that in this big scene you never lose the subject, or have two stories collide together. With the applicable amount of DOF, he separated the matches from one another, so it's completely understandable what is going on there.

boxing match fighting indoor human character design model

3. Residential complex in Bordeaux - Berga and Gonzalez

It's mostly common that CG artists come into this industry to provide 3D services for clients, but when an architectural group steps into Archviz the result will be different. Not only do I enjoy the artistic direction of the images, but I can also understand the project. Like the access to the project, the importance of the openings, the placement of windows and angles, and how the project is designed to take the sunlight. I like when I see people socializing in an image; a parent who feels safe and sitting in the garden while their children are playing in their sight, with the joy of daily life on the other side with cafes and restaurants.

residential complex outdoors beautiful scenery 3d render

4. Garden Of Damocles - Csaba Banati

This image is a big paradox to me: in a glamorous environment with beautiful statues, why does everything look scary?

The green light shows temporary safety and a calm before the storm. A nuclear bomb hangs from the ceiling and you see the very thin wires that in any second they may rip, and the bomb destroys everything. My perspective about these images is that it shows nothing in life is permanent, so it's better not to be prideful of our glory, because it can be ruined at any moment. For the workflow, I can say its amazing textures and models look perfect, the more I zoom in, the more awesome details I see.

In the modeling, I couldn’t find any errors and massive details. Light is coming from low to high, and usually, it’s a sign of hope, but also I feel the sorrow because of the light color. Green mostly is a symbol of safety and growth, maybe he wants to mention that all of us are growing in such an environment which I absolutely agree, because I see this fear growing in generations around the world. I love his attitude because it's always meaningful and any artwork from him sends such messages.

statues rendering models indoor housing

5. Victorian Towers - Droquis

Mike Golden is one of my favorite artists and I look forward to his new artwork. I don’t know how he does this but the more I look at his images and videos of his paintings, the more I fall in love with his workflow. A scheme of light and dark can be seen in all of his work. I have a floating feeling about this image, as the inhabitants appear to have overcome gravity. There is an upside-down ceiling, and I think people there can walk in any direction. The lights on the walls and the amount of fogs in the environment depicts a day after a victory in a long battle. So, they won the war, and now everyone is back home and rested after celebrating their great victory. I see a big hope with light that is moving from left to right and going to fill the whole environment soon.

Victorian towers art digital painting reder

6. Mercedes - Farid Ghanbari (Render Burger)

Wow, so many textures. Farid is one of my favorite artists. Every time I look at his artwork I find something new and attractive. The way he used many textures but he didn’t mismatch the colors is very nice in this image. I see that the octopus is going out from the engine and I think the engine is quite overheated and about to blow, so that poor creature is trying to help himself to anything around. I like this workshop environment in which you can see a lot of chaos, but also you can find some containers on the shelf with a bag that I think belongs to the garage owner. The amount of dirt and dust is spread very well in this environment. In conclusion, it's like a guy was trying to make something new and he failed, so he will try again which means he will be back, but I hope he comes back before the car explodes. The mix of all these stories and CGI techniques make it very attractive to me.

car model 3d render texture environment

7. Slam City - Tamas Medve

Unbelievable details. At the first glance you will be lost in this amount of details, but little by little you start to discover the world behind the story of the image. These kinds of cyberpunk images are always with infinite depth which I love. Backlight signs, building chaos, broken bridges, connecting wires, rain, the highlight in the background, a spaceship which just launched, and people who are watching the incidents or walking to go in a shelter all made a really nice story about what living in a cyberpunk city would be like. That guy in the sheep cloth that is looking into the camera is hilarious, and that flying kitty is showing that it's not going to be very far in time when people will live in these kinds of environments. This combination is something anyone who has a bit of knowledge of 3D tools will fall in love with. Controlling all of these elements together is crazy.

futuristic model 3d space sci-fi rendering

8. Realtime Maquette - Mohammadreza Mohseni

I can feel every single part of this maquette: he did a great job by making the details so perfect. You can feel how tiny the scale is with his UVW Mapping. Nice plexi material for the windows and the amount for the glossiness works very well. Cute trees which feel made by A4 paper, what every architecture student has done hundreds of times. Very tiny railing place on the terrace. Oh god, I can even feel the smell of glue there. I think this maquette was for a very talented student because everything fits and is placed perfectly together. Moreover, nice lighting in the environment also makes for a lovely concept. I also like the background which is a bigger scale of the same maquette. Away from the architectural scheme he had, I love his artistic look to the composition and the camera angle he chose.

clean 3d house model render UV mapping

9. IseaHYAQ - Suburbiastudio

I recently discovered this studio and I was amazed how this young studio is working this well. In every single image they make, there are many nice points of view; the color and contrast of their images all belong to them. Also, the accuracy in their modeling is counted as one of their strong points. In this image I love the daylight and sunlight direction which is guiding our sight to the center of the image, and also the warm image temperature is what I love to live in. Wooden stairs are cool and the composition for showing this environment is epic. So it can not only count as a good image but also a good inspiration to look over and over.

stairs interior indoors environment 3d modeling

10. Ummara - Hossein Yadollahpour

I love this work because it’s a great example of how creating all 3D scenes can be so attractive. Hossein made everything in 3D, not even a fly added after the final render. I can call this a nice workflow for teamwork. The scene management is not easy with all these details and polygons in the software. The amount of clouds, and also the sunlight, which is bouncing around the environment, is amazing. So, the viewer can completely understand the project and also enjoy watching this beautiful artwork. I think if one day I am in an airplane flying over this environment this will be exactly the landscape that I will see. So when I look at all these details I can't stop looking at this image over and over.

plane outdoor 3d model scenery shot

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