10 environments of Summer 2020

Please enjoy this collection of 10 spectacular environments from Summer 2020.

nature woods trees environment 3d illustration
The Quick Silver Fox Jumped. Nature has reclaimed the urban ruins of Ismail Inceoglu’s far future in this extraordinary work. © Ismail Inceoglu
mouse characters 2d illustration background design
Mouse Guard - The Story. Hristo Chukov’s beautiful medieval scene is full of life and character. © Hristo Chukov
fantasy large background design spacious
Neuronia. We’re blown away by the vivid colour scheme and breathtaking detail of Vitaly Varna’s alien landscape.
© Vitaly Varna
mushrooms scenery fantasy concept background design
Mushrooms. What enigmatic dangers await Diego Borda’s lone boatman in this amazing fantasy concept? © Diego Borda
vibrant colours scenery environments masks
Kukeri vs Karakondjuli. Vibrant colours and stunning designs render Ismail Inceoglu’s scene unforgettable. © Ismail Inceoglu
sci-fi autumn 2d illustration abstract digital painting
The Right Time. Ismail Inceoglu captures the loneliness of the future traveller with this gorgeous sci-fi wilderness.
© Ismail Inceoglu
pirate ship rocky island treasure ocean sea
Dangerous journey. Helen Ilnytska brings to life the treachery of the ocean waves with this marine environment.
© Helen Ilnytska
scenery environment rocky mountains scenic 3d
New planet. Jose Julian transports us to a sweeping alien vista with this majestic and captivating piece. © Jose Julian

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