10 Cosy Interiors

Enjoy the indoors with this short collection of cosy interior designs.

souvenir shop 3d model
Post & Souvenirs. Enjoy the peace and quiet at Igor Kulkov’s charming and retro post office/souvenir shop. © Igor Kulkov
wizard tower 2d illustration
Wizard Tower. We could spend hours among arcane tomes and enchanted paraphernalia in Sergio Raposo Fernandez’s wizarding den. © Sergio Raposo Fernandez
hansel and gretel fairytale scene
Hansel and Gretel. A warm and welcoming sight awaits lost passers-by in Sergio Raposo Fernandez’s fairytale scene.
© Sergio Raposo Fernandez
dusty workshop 2d illustration
Syberia. Steiner’s Workship. Igor Kulkov gives us a fascinating look into the clockmaker’s dusty workshop in this tribute to the steampunk adventure. © Igor Kulkov
still life interior 2d illustration
Still Life. Piotr Lusnia’s elegant and tempting table display looks incredibly lifelike! © Piotr Lusnia
sci-fi interior indoor room
Capsule. A cluttered cabin offers shelter from the wasteland in Jak Pagan’s sci-fi piece. © Jak Pagan

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