10 canine/primate aviator/sportsperson” themed contest entries

Here are our favourite entries from our first themed contest of 2021, based on canine or primate aviators or sportspeople.

Canine Welly-Wanger - 3Dtcdc

Our winning entry by Emily Ormerod pays homage to the traditional sport of boot-throwing.

© Emily Ormerod

Gelada Torero

Ashley Allen took second place with this incredible design for a baboon matador.

© Ashley Allen

3dtCDC - Fox Space-Force Aviator

Stacy Frantsek’s canine aviator prepares to reach new heights

© Stacy Frantsek

Red Baron

Diego Rafael de Alencar puts a brilliant spin on the famed German pilot Manfred von Richthofen.

© Diego Rafael de Alencar

Life is Good

This amazing piece by Ioana Tistu depicts a snowboarding husky.

© Ioana Tistu

Barão “The Wall”

Fabio Sousa’s volleyball-playing gorilla looks awesome!

© Fabio Sousa

Cindy The Baseball Player

Moacirjr’s canine baseball player is ready for the match.

© Moacirj

Captain Korgan

Santiago Camacho’s original character is a grizzled veteran of the skies.

© Santiago Camacho

Gromit’s Dream

In this delightful entry by Victoria Freydin, Gromit lives out his dream of being a ballet dancer

© Victoria Freydin


These excellent sketches by Marco Maritano reimagine a member of the yakuza as a flying gorilla.

© Marco Maritano

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