Top tech: five of the coolest gadgets this week

Stay ahead of the game with our round-up of the latest gadgets hitting the shelves, including the much-anticipated VR headset from Sony!

Stay ahead of the game with our round-up of the latest gadgets hitting the shelves, including the much-anticipated VR headset from Sony!


Tablets are getting bigger and bigger. Samsungs latest, the Galaxy Note Pro, includes a 12.2-inch screen which is the biggest weve seen so far, and later this year Panasonic is releasing its 20-inch Windows 8 behemoth. These are the kind of sizes we were used to with CRT screens back in the 90s (yes, were that old), and being able to fit them into a backpack or through a letterbox is mind-blowing.

This week weve also got a couple of wrist adornments in the form of a smartwatch
and a stylus, as well as Sonys new virtual reality headset and a robust stand for your enormous tablet.

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1. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

© Samsung

Samsungs latest tablet has the word Pro in its name, so it must be good. It also has a 12.2-inch screen with a 2560 x 1600 display for jaw-droppingly clear and bright images. We love its S-Pen stylus, and multitasking means you can watch YouTube vids while youre doodling. That Pro tag doesnt come cheap, though: the tablet will set you back £649.

2. Android Wear

© Motorola

Smart watches felt like a bit of a fad when they started appearing last year, but it seems Google is taking them seriously. Its Android division has just announced Wear, an operating system which puts local weather, emails and a whole lot more on your wrist. LG and Motorola will release the first Android Wear watches later this year.

3. Chil Slap Stylus

© Chil

This highly fashionable bracelet packs a hidden secret: it doubles as a stylus for your touchscreen device of choice. If youre out and about and inspiration strikes you can whip it off and quickly draw a picture. Once its complete you can slap it back on your wrist, inevitably letting out a little yelp when you do it a bit too hard.

4. The K Stand

© Kristen Logan

Tablet stands tend to be made of cheap plastic which is often incapable of supporting its target tech. Kristen Logans K-Stand is plasma cut from robust metal, and topped and bottomed with rubber to stop it scratching your desk or gizmo. There are a bunch of designs to choose from, too. Were even wondering if it could be used to turn our Wacom into a desktop easel.

5. Sony Project Morpheus

© Sony

Sony jumps on the Oculus Rift bandwagon with this virtual reality headset, designed for use with the PlayStation 4. It boasts 1080p high definition video and 3D surround sound for immersive gaming. Unfortunately theres no word on price, release date or whether Sony includes a PlayStation-branded sick bucket.

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